Certification Grade1

Grade 1 Class

The topics included in the Grade 1 Certification class and manual are listed below.

 Manual Dedication: The Grade 1 Manual is dedicated to those authors in Florida that had the  inspiration, the wisdom, and the will to develop a Pretreatment Certification Program. Without  their dedication this certification would have been impossible for North Carolina.  We are truly thankful to follow in your steps.

Grade I Needs to Know

Grade 1 — 4th Edition

Chapter 1     Pretreatment Program History

Chapter 2 Program Communication and Relationships

Chapter 3 Safety Survival, Traffic Safety, Confined Space ,Chemical Hazards, Pathogens and Physical Hazards

Chapter 4 Wastewater Collections and Grease Control Program

Chapter 5 Wastewater Treatment, Preliminary & Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Disinfection, Tertiary & Nutrient Treatment and Process Math

Chapter 6 Significant Industrial Users

Chapter 7 Sampling Introduction, Sampling Preparation, Wastewater Sampling Event, Sampling for Specific Pollutants, Field Analysis & Calibration,Custody and Documentation

Chapter 8 Flow Monitoring and Sampling Equipment

Chapter 9 Troubleshooting

Chapter 10 Sampling Practices

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