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The North Carolina Pretreatment Consortium, Incorporated (NC-PC) is a non-profit organization representing over 140 pretreatment professionals from municipalities throughout the State of North Carolina.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of being an NC-PC member and how you can make a difference, contact us at:

The North Carolina Pretreatment Consortium (NC-PC) is a growing non-profit organization. Yearly membership in the organization runs from January first to December thirty-first. Dues are paid on an annual basis and must be paid by April first. The amount of dues is determined annually by a majority vote of the membership. Dues are assessed per individual rather than program. The membership dues cover basic operating expenses; like correspondence, postage, printing, as well as supplies, insurance, etc. Join to show your support for the important environmental work that we do.

What Will You Get For Your Membership?

  • Bi-monthly notification of meetings and previous meeting minutes.
  • Bi-monthly meetings to become better informed on Pretreatment regulations as well as local and state environmental issues
  • Member discounts to Pretreatment Conferences or Workshops
  • A right to provide comments on Federal, State, and local environmental regulations.
  • A membership allows for Peer Assistance
  • A membership is a way of “owning” a piece of the NC Pretreatment Consortium

Who Is Eligible To Become A Member?

  • NC municipal employees responsible for managing and/or operating Pretreatment Programs
  • NC municipal employees responsible for the implementation of Oil & Grease Programs
  • Pretreatment Consultants who have direct responsibility for a municipal pretreatment program or oil & grease program in North Carolina