Honorary Members

NC-PC Honorary Members

Mr. Bernie Strohmeyer

Industrial Waste Manager – Hampton Roads Sanitary District, Virginia

Mr. Strohmeyer manages the administrative operations of HRSD’s Industrial Waste Division and oversees the Industrial Waste Division’s database. He has been employed by HRSD since 1973. Mr. Strohmeyer is a member of the Virginia Association of Municipal Wastewater Agency’s Pretreatment sub-committee, a member of the Virginia Water Environment Association’s Industrial Wastes & Pretreatment Committee and a member of the State of Virginia’s Common Sense Initiative Team. Mr. Strohmeyer is also a member of the North Carolina Pretreatment Dinosaur Club.

Mr. Strohmeyer is a regular attendee of the NC-PC Annual Pretreatment Conference and even an occasional attendee of regular NC-PC meetings. He has acted as a moderator for the conference’s break-out sessions, has been a speaker at more than one conference, and on at least one occasion, was drafted to help count the ballots during an election. However, possibly his most significant contribution has been his behind-the-scenes involvement, acting as an unofficial liaison between the NC-PC and AMSA. It was Mr. Strohmeyer’s guidance that allowed the NC-PC MP&M subcommittee to successfully focus its energy into providing useful and significant comments and data to the EPA in response to the MP&M Proposed Rule and then again to the MP&M NODA. Then, as well as now, Mr. Strohmeyer ensures that the NC-PC receives the most up-to-date information regarding the activities of the EPA and AMSA. Mr. Strohmeyer also provided editing resources for both the MP&M and the Meat Products comments authored by the NC-PC.

Dr. John Parnell

Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator – City of St. Petersburg, Florida

Dr. Parnell became the Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator for the City of St. Petersburg, Florida in February, 1988. His responsibilities include the administration of the city’s environmental monitoring and education programs for industrial pretreatment, pollution prevention, wastewater, reclaimed water, marine environments and underground injection. Drawing upon his prior experiences as a university professor, Dr. Parnell has developed and pioneered industrial pretreatment education in Florida. He is Chairman of the FW&PCOA’s Industrial Pretreatment Certification Board and a member of the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association, which promotes the pursuit of excellence in industrial pretreatment throughout the state. Dr Parnell is also a member of the North Carolina Pretreatment Dinosaur Club.

In his role as Chairman of the FW&PCOA’s Industrial Pretreatment Certification Board, Dr. Parnell was instrumental in its decision to allow the NC-PC to adopt and adapt Florida’s pretreatment certification program. If not for his assistance, cooperation and enthusiasm, our own highly successful certification program might not exist.

Mr. Guy Aydlett

Director of Water Quality – Hampton Roads Sanitary District, Virginia

Mr. Aydlett is Director of the Water Quality Department for Hampton Roads Sanitation District of Virginia. The Water Quality Department has three divisions, the Central Environmental Laboratory, the Industrial Waste Division and the Technical Services Division.

Mr. Aydlett represents HRSD on numerous local, state and national committees dealing with environmental legislation, pretreatment policy and control of industrial and hazardous wastes. His national appointments include: Chair, AMSA’s Pretreatment and Hazardous Waste Committee; Member, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Effluent Guidelines Taskforce; and Member, Water Environment Federation Pollution Control Committee. Mr. Aydlet is a member of the North Carolina Pretreatment Dinosaur Club.

He is also the recipient of Vice President Al Gore’s “Silver Hammer” Award for eliminating waste in government.